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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Max Factor Ageless Elixir Part 2

I was supposed to get on here yesterday and do a little update on the Maxfactor foundation but having problems with my laptop.
Ok after using the new Maxfactor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1foundation and serum, I'm really happy with the results, I think its a fab foundation for day wear and night wear. I like to look after my skin so I especially like foundations that contain an SPF. (this foundation contains SPF 15)
Ive been handing out my samples and the response Ive been getting is great, as I mentioned in the last blog, I love the smell and this seems to be popular amoung my friends too! I was chatting with my friend about the foundation the other day as she was applying it, and she was pleasently surprised at how well it covered her spots and blemishes without the need of a concealer. After she applied the foundation to her whole face, she then reavealed the outcome to myself and another friend who I was with, my other friend iNstantly noticed the smell, (I know i keep banging on about the smell), but I thought you would only be able to smell it on yourself, so was surprised when she said she could smell it just standing next to her. (its not an overpowering smell, quite a subtle flowery smell). Anyway both girls loved the look of the coverage. One of them was off on holiday that day so I gave her a few more samples and when she gets back I will ask her how long it stayed on after travelling. I like this foundation alot and all responses have been really positive, so well done Maxfactor!!

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