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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bronze Ambition Fake Dont Bake.

Now we all need a bit of colour in our lives over the winter period unless your going for the goth look of course, but for me I need a little bit of help on my pasty limbs.
I discovered this Fake Tan in the summer, when I was kindly sent a free sample.
And from then on, I have been hooked.

The website is where you can buy this product with products starting from a bargainous £1.99

Now your usual appliance of fake tan should be exfoliate, moisturise and then apply tan. With this technique the tan works perfectly with absolutely no streaks.

But one day I was feeling a little lazy, and just applied it straight to my body without the preparation and to my surprise, again no streaks. The creamy texture almost acts as a moisturiser and in my opinion was just as good with no preparation.
Bronze Ambition
Bronze Ambition have many other products too and in the summer I use the Dark Tan.
I would highly recommend this Fake Tan, considering I would normally buy fake tan for no less than £10 to £15 pounds. Usually L'oreal sublim bronze was my tan of choice but not anymore.
I bought bucket loads of this Tan and usually give a few out to mates for them to try!! That's how much I love it and at this price you simply cant go wrong.
They also do Instant Tan Makeup, which is great for topping up for a night out.
Can you tell I love this!!!
Check out the website above and give it a try, also if you like their Facebook page you get a discount, so even more bargains.... yay!!
Let me know if any of you have tried this would love to hear your comments.

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