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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weleda Skin Food


Hi lovely peeps
It's been a while but I'm back on the blogging train and what better way to start than with the amazing Weleda Skin Food. I've known about Weleda for a while, I went to a Steiner School and if you cut yourself or bruise yourself and you went to the sick bay, me being my clumsy self used to frequent the sick bay, the lovely nurse would apply Weleda arnica cream. Back then it was like a magical cream that made everything feel better. So when discovering this little beauty in one of my Birchbox beauty box's it all came flooding right back, and after discovering Victoria Beckham was a fan too, I was chuffed to bits to try it! 
Weleda are a German company and their moto is -in harmony with nature and the human being. 
Weleda Skin Food is a deep-penetrating replenishing skin repair cream for dry patches of skin and for added winter protection. You can use it as a barrier cream, it's great for eczema and i've been using it on a scar I had on my leg and now you can hardly see it! It really a magic cream. Contains extracts of soothing chamomile and calendula, wild pansy and a blend of enriching oils and waxes. It has a beautiful flowery smell, with a deep essential oil aroma. It provides a fine protective barrier against the ravages of wind and weather.
Great for heat rash too!! You can literally use it for everything !
I've been using it on my décolleté and I've been thinking about how to describe this for a while but I've had fairly dry patches, although you can't  see it but to touch its a little scaly?? Makes be sound like a beauty, but since using Skin Food Its completely gone and feels so smooth. Its so rich and oily, feels so nourishing, I can see this being a must have for a while! Birchbox sell the full size of 75ml for £9.95, also Weleda have their own site, where you'll find tons of amazing products. Imagine my delight when in this months Birchbox Oatmeal Shampoo from Weleda was staring back at me! Stay tuned for that review. 
if you fancy signing up to Birchbox click on the link below! 
They've got some great deals for 6 months and 12 months subscriptions!
Ooo I just wanted to add this product has won so many awards, and I loved the sample so much I bought the full size from the Birchbox shop!! 

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