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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I adore TK MAXX for everything clothes, shoes and homewares, but what I especially like is there little towers of gifts and beauty items, dotted about the shop floor and on my weekly visit with the hubby (told you I loved the place) I found these little beauties and just had to share.

Double pack of falsies. A French Manicure set and the other set have gold and brown and orange colourful tips. Not that I get to wear nails these days at work but maybe when I get some days off and can give them a whirl. The nails themselves are quite thick and of a decent quality, You know you can tell the really cheap and nasty ones are only going to last you half a day, if that. These ones feel quite strong in the squidge test, so I'll look forward to trying them out. Also great for stocking fillers.
Stay Tuned for more Bargain Buys.

We Love Glamour!!


As you all know I love a bargain and what better than on Decembers issue of Glamour magazine.
A snip at £2, especially when Nails Inc Nail Varnish is firmly stuck on the front. 4 different colours to collect and to stop myself from buying 4 copies, I spent about 30 mins in Morrisons deciding my favorite. After much delibaration I chose Motcomb Street. In the supermarket light it looked very dark almost black but I could see another colour in it. Looking through the plastic celephane of the magazine and the little box it was in, I was that intrigued that decided this was the one I was taking home and inspecting further.
And i was right, in some lights it looks green and in others blue.
Ive taken 2 pics one with a flash and one without but I cant get a picture of it looking green the light and the camera just cant pick up what my eyes can see, I hope its not just me and other fellow bloggers can see the green otherwise its time to go to specsavers.

As you can see the colour is quite different with the flash.
This picture only has 2 coats on the nail, I think it could do with a 3rd coat. But then the darker you go, you tend to loose the colours in it and ends up looking like another black nail varnish. I for one really like this colour for winter.
So already extremly delighted with my new cheap cheap cheap Nails Inc Nail Varnish I decide to have a flick through the magazine with my cuppa.
Now I love a free sample to was chuffed to bits when I cam across this little beauty wedged neatly between the fashion pages...........
Maxfactor FaceFinity All day flawless
This sample comes in the Natural shade 50. This foundation claims to be a 3 in 1. Primer,concealer and foundation.
Now I have done a review on Maxfactor foundations before when I was doing research for Savvyme and picked to test the Ageless Elixir foundation. I did like that foundation at first, but after a few uses found it became greasy, although I soon managed to avoid that just by using a little less.
I like the coverage of the FaceFinity. I can definately see the concealer side to it as I use it on my face, (i'm applying with a Benefit foundation brush) I also like the coverage of the foundation and think it gives an even glow over the skin. I like a matt look so I use one of my faves (featured in an earlier post) Boots Natural Collection Loose Powder, and found that I didnt need much of it which is a bonus as I dont like the caked foundation/powder look. I wore it on a night out and after perusing the pictures of said night (we wont talk about it too much (ouch)) my make up looked pretty good.Ive also worn it today, and its still keeping a good coverage. Now like most Maxfactor Foundations I would say this has got to be in the region of £10.99-12.99 ish, do I like it that much to buy it? I'll let you know when I next go shopping for foundation. But an all round good product.