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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Inlight organic daily face oil

Blimey havent been on here in ages, since I last blogged, Ive been working in Holland for a week and then back to my regular job and still trying to play catch up, plus the laptop has been having a meltdown, so right I'm here and I have a new product for you, its call Inlight organic daily face oil.Now, I have fairly greasy skin on my face so I dont really need an oil!! (thats what i thought), I recieved this sample free, so I after I had a nice shower and a good facial scrub I thought I would give the oil a go. It smells great firstly, its quite tropical and fruity which I liked alot, it smelt like I had put essential oil on my face. I only used a few drops as directed and that it really all you need to get a good coverage. I kind of didnt think any more about it that night as, like i said before i get quite oily skin anyway so didnt expect it to really have much of effect, well, and this doesnt happen often, I WAS WRONG. The next morning after applying the Inlight organic daily facial oil, my skin felt so soft to the touch I actually couldnt believe it, having been a moisturising freak from an early age ( mothers influence) Ive always been blessed with soft skin, but this was unreal and still 2 days on my face is still so soft to touch, after just the one application.Here's a little bit about it.
WINNER - 'Best Facial Oil' in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2009
Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive or delicate. Easily absorbed, an excellent daytime moisturiser and protector during the winter. Ideal as a base for make-up. An excellent aftershave for men as well.
With the goodness of...
Jojoba & Evening Primrose Oils – nourishing, rich in Vitamin E, antioxidant
Rose Hip Oil – rich in essential fatty acids and transretinoic acid to regenerate
skin and promote healing
Blue Mallow & Lavender – soothing and anti-inflammatory
After cleansing the face in the morning, apply a little onto the fingers and gently massage the skin of the forehead and face in a circular motion, working from the inside outwards. Apply also onto the neck, massaging from the chin downwards to stimulate lymphatic circulation and improve absorption.
What I like about this product is thats its totally natural and organic, and having learnt its a good base for make up, I'm going to try that too.
So visit the inlight site and grab yourself a bottle of 30ml for £20, if you buy before the 31st October you'll get 20% off.

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