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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Models Own Misty Grey

Hey Y'all
I do love a nice matt nail varnish, so when I saw this in Boots, I wanted it instantly, but alas I was Christmas shopping with the hubby, and when I picked it up he gave me that look!! (you know the one, the, we are not shopping for you, you should be ashamed of yourself look) So I put it back down. The next day I was sifting through ASOS sale section and found the Misty Grey in the sale for £4 and as hubby was no where to be seen, it jumped straight in the shopping basket. So here it is..
I love the colour and in the winter I tend to wear alot of grey, so matches perfectly with my winter outfits. What I also like about it, is it has no other colours in it, no hint of anything, no shimmer, just grey. This photo was taken last Friday, right after I painted them, its Wednesday today and its time to take it off for the next colour, but also don't think I can go another day without it looking trampy, few little chips, but I think that an acceptable amount of time. To get this colour in the photo above I used three coats.


  1. I love Model's Own polishes and this colour is just gorgeous! XX

  2. i am sporting models own pink fizz tonight! i love their polishes! i love your shade!