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Monday, 19 December 2011

Boudoir Prive Beauty Box November Tried and Tested!

Ok so when I received this box, I said I was going to attempt a video, but I'm too nervous so maybe I'll save it for the next box.
I know I'm a bit late with the Box review but I don't see alot of point in doing the review without testing the products and telling you my thoughts so this months first item is...

Item 1 Dead Sea Spa Magic Silky Smooth Body Lotion.

Ok so the little card that comes with it says: Dead sea minerals are renowned for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties The creamy and silky body lotion will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated and nourished.
So I had a shower, exfoliated and shaved my legs ready for the trial out of the lotion.
First of all the smell is not overpowering which for a body lotion is good. It has a subtle flowery smell but not a granny flowery smell, quite fresh and plant like (if that makes sense) abit Aloe Veray. It says to apply to damp skin. When applying it rubs in very nicely and sinks into the skin, and left my skin feeling really nourished and soft, overall quite impressed by this, I'm a bit of a moisturiser freak and fairly particular about what I use but I would use this again. I was really impressed by the sample size too, its 50ml so plenty for 2 good moisturising sessions. The actually retail size is 350ml and the price is £7.70 which I think is fairly reasonable.

Item 2 Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser.

A 24 hour moisturiser and brightening cream. The wild rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C and helped repair fine lines and uneven skin tone. The combination of grape seed and phytic acid work together to maintain a youthful complexion.
You just use as a normal face moisturiser after cleansing. At the ripe age of 32 I'm extremely happy to me receiving creams to make me look younger.Ive been using this for a couple of days now i really like it, it isn't too thick like some moisturises and the rose smell is lush.I do think it has given my skin a brightness, but other than that there really hasn't been much to notice in terms of uneven skin tone. I'll keep using it til its gone and let you know if i experience and changes to my skin.  The sample is 10 ml which is a fair amount and the full size product is £19.00 for 40ml.

Item 3 NEW Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner

Create thick, glossy and bouncy hair with 100% natural voluminous shampoo and conditioner. The lemongrass and green tea remove excess oils from the hair, whilst Jojoba adds moisture and nourishment.
Ok so I haven't tried this yet, purely because I have really big voluminous hair already, and I recently used a body conditioner from Goldwell the other day (from the feel unique box) and it was awful it coated my hair, it felt like I hadn't washed it out properly and thought I hadn't until my house mate came out the shower and had the same thing. But I will be trying it so I'll let you know when I do.
We got 2 samples of the shampoo which I like as you can have a proper test of it one sachet is never enough. It also came in a nice white organza bag. And its quite a pricey shampoo and £27.00 for 275mls of Shampoo and £28.50 for 275mls of conditioner.

Item 4 Vinies Ayurvedas Soul Luminous Skin Mask

Featured on, This mask is supposed to enhance complexion. It contains mint leaf, licorice root and magnolia extract. It says its suitable for all skin types but seen a few of the bloggers I follow have had some trouble with it, saying they came out in rashes or redness. It says to apply to face and neck and let the ingredients penetrate for 3 to 5 mins, then rinse. Personally I love a good facial scrub ( see beauty must haves post) so was excited to use this and as you can see from the picture we received 2 sample pots of 15 gms and considering the full size product is 40gms for £32.85 that's a pretty good sample. It smells really strong, and looks like curry in a pot but nevertheless a good gritty scrub. When applying it it does have a kind of stingy fresh feeling which I imagine is the mint coming through. It does make the skin feel hot but once rinsed leaves you face feeling really fresh. As I said I know a few people had problems with the irritation of the skin with this product but I was fine with it, but suggest that if you are to use this product do a little skin test first.

Item 5 STUDIOMAKEUP Rich Hydration Lipstick Really Red

I got this lipstick in Really Red, I'm assuming everyone got the same colour as the red comes on the picture on the little card menu thingy. So this is our full size product and I have to say at first I was a bit disappointed as I font really suit or like a red lipstick on myself that much. Have only really used a red lipstick for dressing up. But after trying it on I actually was quite surprised. I've taken a picture but I'm not sure it really it shows the pinky pigment in it, which I think is why I like it, as most red lippys I have tried have an orange pigment. This full size product is worth £12.25.

So considering the box cost £10 a month its well worth the price, and so far I haven't been disappointed with any of the boxes. December sees the arrival of Jolie Box who have merged with Boudoir Prive and I can not WAIT to show you the contents of that!!! its immense so come back soon to check it out!!!!

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